Anonymous Downeyholics

A refuge for everyone whose life is severely affected by Donwey-addiction. This is the place to find support and discuss your latest misfortunes/embarrasing situations/whatever you can think of caused by RDJ.

Sep 12

Aug 31
Because you’ve got to admit that at some point in your life you became so obsessed with him that your health/love life/bank account suffered for it.

Because you’ve got to admit that at some point in your life you became so obsessed with him that your health/love life/bank account suffered for it.

Jul 23

Jul 21

Another case of Downey-addiction

  • Question on yahoo: Has my Robert Downey Jr obsession gone too far?
  • Person asking: I am totally and completely obsessed with Robert Downey Jr.
  • Person asking: I can't go 10 minutes without thinking about him. I've probably watched every youtube video about him,the sherlock holmes theme song is my ringtone, and i have even drawn portraits of him! I can't help it! I just love him so much!
  • Best answer: Nothing wrong with you as long as you know your obsession is fantasy, based on his mature, manly looks [I presume.] You will never marry Robert Downey Junior, no matter how many erotic dreams you have of him.

Jul 13
Hi, my name is Jessica, and I am a Downeyholic.

Hi Jessica.

Jul 10

holmephobic said: My parents asked where I wanted to go on vacation this year. I said Massachusetts before they even finished their sentence because I want to go see him that badly and I actually have to lay down and breathe and try to hang on to hope that I will meet him one day.

Fingers crossed that you will!

Symptoms of Donwey addiction

Here are the first few listed symptoms of Downey addiction:

  • excessive saving of pictures of the man, preferably in weirdly named folders/albums
  • curling up into a ball, crying over the fact that I can never personally have this man
  • trying to numb the pain by blogging even more pictures of his face
  • accelerated heartbeat, stomach flipping sensations, sighing (I hope this is roughly it, my spanish isn’t that great, I’m sorry!)
  • thinking of Exton when seeing babies
  • developing the ability to turnrandom conversations into conversations about RDJ

Thanks to everyone contributing so far!

Keep it coming, though, I’m sure there is more? (You can also always just submit things, if you want to even anonymously if you’d be more comfortable that way)

Jul 9

FYI: Love really is like a drug

When researchers examined the question [if love really is like a drug], they found that intense feelings of romantic love affect the brain in the same way drugs like cocaine or powerful pain relievers do.
“The reason people are so attracted to cocaine is that it activates the area of the brain that makes you feel good,” researcher Arthur Aron, PhD, tells WebMD. “The same reward area is activated when people are experiencing the intense desire of romantic love.” (x)

Another study shows that fighting the pain of a break-up is much like fighting drug addiction.

"You just crave this person. You’re willing to do crazy things, stupid things," she [Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist at Rutgers University] said. Just as a person would while fighting a drug addiction, she said, a lovelorn person obsesses, craves and distorts reality." (x)

What do you think?

What symptoms of Downey-addiction are you experiencing?

Trying to gather all the different forms this particular addiction can take.

Jul 8

This is where my Downey obsession began. Roughly 2 months ago (May 16) my life was ruined by this amazing creature. Thank you. ♥

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Do you have a Robert Downey jr. problem?

Do you regularly find yourself in any of these situations because of him:

  • tearing your hair
  • lying sobbing on the floor
  • laughing hysterically
  • staring at one single pic for 50 minutes
  • suddenly breaking into dancing after you read something totally irrelevant/watched a youtube video
  • glued to your screen
  • banging your head against the wall
  • cursing fate
  • doing absolutely nothing with your life

Is he ruining your life with his perfection? Do you experience severely embarrassing situations with your family/friends/strangers or just general misfortunes related to your RDJ-problem? Do you need support? Do you want to share your daily troubles or just enjoy the company of equally affected individuals?

If you can answer any of the above questions with ‘yes’, you should probably join the Anonymous Downeyholics. Submit your thoughts and know that you are not alone!

Please note that there is absolutely no offense intended to anyone! This is to be understood as purely self-ironic. And probably closer to the truth than it seems…